Jun 12 2010

Beach Finds

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Beach Finds

Glass Vase is Stripped in Gold to

House Found Beach Items.



Design Master Gold Lumina 238

Design Master Daffodil 131 OR Sunflower 533

Tall glass vase

Painter’s tape

1 yellow fresh cymbidium orchid spray

1 lavender cymbidium orchid spray


Glass pebbles


  1. Starting at the opening of the vase, mask a band of the vase with the tape.
  2. Leave a band of the vase open to desired width. (this area will become gold)
  3. Repeat striping pattern down the height of the vase.
  4. Ensure edges of tape of securely adhered to vase.
  5. Spray open bands of vase with Gold Lumina. Apply in two light coats. Let dry between coats. The first coat will look translucent but the second coat will fill in the color.
  6. When dry, remove tape to reveal gold stripes.
  7. Spray both orchid sprays with Daffodil. Apply by spraying approx. 15″ from blossoms. Ensure the spraying distance for safe application on fresh flowers. On the yellow orchids, the color will be enhanced. On the lavender orchids, the color will be blending with the golden hues.
  8. Place glass pebbles and shells in vase. Add water. Give fresh cut to orchids and arrange in vase.

Project Tip: For an easy application of spray, place the vase on a plastic turntable.