May 14 2009

Dad’s Treasure Box

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Dads Treasure Box


Design Master Mineral Blue 770

Design Master Clear Finish Matte 169

Unfinished wood box

Piece of paper

Scrapbooking adhesive label packet

Rub on transfers

1 yd chocolate ribbon

Hot glue


  1. Following directions on the can, spray the box in 2 light layers of Mineral Blue color. Let dry between coats.
  2. Sand painted surface with a piece of paper (scratch paper or paper bag). Wipe surface clean. This make a nice final sand for presanded wood. Apply another coat of Mineral Blue. Let dry.
  3. Topcoat box with Clear Finish Matte to enhance the color and add protection. If impurities get caught in the finish while spraying, sand again with a piece of paper as mentioned above and apply a final coat. Let dry.
  4. Glue one end of ribbon to the center front of box. Wrap ribbon tightly around box and glue the loose end on top of the other. With a small length of ribbon and beginning in its center, tie a series of square knots the width of the ribbon. Glue the knots over the ribbon seam. Roll under the ribbon tails for a clean finish and glue in place.
  5. Apply scrapbooking labels and transfers in desired locations.

Project Tip: Share this craft with the kids. Prepare the painted box ahead of time then allow their creativity to decorate!