Apr 10 2020

Easy Chair ReDo

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Color creates dynamic impact when restyling items for your home.  This circa-2000, Target find got a reboot using übermatte MIST 555.  The modern color and ultra-matte, trend finish looks fresh for another twenty years.

This style of chair is easy to restyle.  The wood seat and back are unscrewed from the frame then slightly sanded.  Shake the can of Mist well… 1 minute after hearing the mixing balls.  Spray the edges of the pieces in 2-3 light coats.  Let dry between coats.

Starting on the backside, the pieces are sprayed about 8″-10″ from the surface in even parallel strokes, going back and forth in a moderate rhythm. Slightly overlap the strokes to keep a wet edge. Start and end each stroke off the piece. Apply 2 light coats and let dry between each coat. übermatte dries fast so the process is quick-n-easy.

Flip the seat and back pieces over then spray in the same manner to create a smooth finish.  Apply 3 light coats on the fronts.

The chair can be reassembled when dry. However, the durability of the finish is achieved when it is allowed to thoroughly dry in about 12-18 hours or overnight.