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Frosted Finishes


Ultra Matte Frosted Finish

creates smooth frosted or salt blasted glass finishes... and more

Why you will love using our überfrost spray

überfrost™ makes it easy to craft artisan frosted glass accents for party decor or home accent! This quick-drying, ultra-matte clear spray can produce several effects on glass, mirror, acrylic, ceramic and smooth surfaced items in just minutes. Apply straight-from-the-can in a smooth frosted finish on clear or colored glass. Think super easy sea glass or modern, texture blocked glass. Or… use our simple technique to fashion an artisan style, salt blasted finish. It’s super easy with stunning results! überfrost also changes glossy finishes to matte. Are your ideas bubbling yet?

Clear ultra frosted finish.
Changes clear glass to frosted in a smooth even finish.
For a sea glass look apply over colored glass or glass tinted with Just For Flowers or TintIT.
Use stencils or masking tape to personalize your looks.
Fashion salt blasted glass with our super simple technique: To a section of the glass or surface, apply überfrost 6“-8” away in a slightly heavy coat. Avoid runs. While wet, sprinkle on BAKING SODA. Take a pinch of baking soda between your thumb and index finger then rub the two together releasing a light stream of baking soda. Repeat this process until the entire surface is treated. Let it dry then apply a light topcoat of übermatte to seal the surface.
Apply over glossy surfaces to create matte finishes.
Can use over COLORTOOL painted surfaces.


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