Nov 08 2018

Farmhouse Inspired Decor for Giving Thanks

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While every season deserves our reflections of gratitude, there’s something about autumn that amplifies those thoughts. Sure there’s our national holiday of Thanksgiving. But cooler temps, falling leaves and shorter days  signal us to spend more time indoors. Something about cozying up makes us appreciate what we have.

It’s also a perfect time to get your craft on!!

If you’ve got a Magnolia inspired interior with muted neutral walls and furnishing, we’ve got a great palette of accent colors to enliven your decor.  Many of them in a rich, ultra-matte finish of our übermatte® sprays.

Sprucing up your farmhouse decor for the season is easy with the following creative touches. In a snap, you’ll be ready to enjoy and share your home with your family and friends.


Pumpkins don’t have to hide after halloween. Spray – Decoupage – BOOM! Rustic chic in minutes.

Here’s what we did…

Mask the stem of the faux pumpkins with masking tape then recolor them in 2 light coats of übermatte Mist.  Search then select black & white botanical drawings from the internet and print.  Spray the printed sheets with TintIT® Sepia to antique the paper. When dry, cut out the image. Decoupage the flower prints onto the pumpkins, making sure to push the paper into the pumpkin crevices. Modge Podge in the matte finish worked well for us.  When dry, tie a rich ribbon accent.


Revamping found items from local stores …lots of them sale items… is the best of fun for our creative spirits! You’ll be surprise how this reclaimed wood plaque came about.

A whitewashed wood plaque from Michaels got reinterpreted with our Glossy Wood Tone spray. Two light coats created the reclaimed wood finish.  Then, a trio of leaf candy dishes from Target’s Dollar Spot got the Midas touch when sprayed in our Premium Metals Champagne Gold.  Spray the backside of the dishes first. Allow them to dry then flip over to color the front side.  When dry, glue the leaves onto the plaque, hang… and Voila!


It only takes a few fresh blossoms, casually arranged, to enliven a setting… the little details make the statement. Here, a well-loved glass vase got a rustic brush of color.

Funny how inspiration strikes. I was actually removing color from a vase previously painted MistYup, I reuse props and vases too!  I was intrigued with the look of the wiped color evolving as my paper towel, damp with Mess Master, brushed across the finish. Before removing it all I stopped and studied …aha, überfrost!!  Topping with the clear, ultra-matte spray frosted the glass and sealed the deal to this vase makeover!

It’s a unique finish to intentionally create for any rustic setting, be it wedding or home. And, you can choose any color of Design Master sprays! To remove the color coat sans Mess Master, you can heavily apply the spray color into a wadded tip of paper towel then rub it over the vase… rewetting the toweling and repeating as needed.  Finish with 1-2 coats of überfrost.