FTD World Cup : Competitor Support

Hello FTD World Cup Competitor.  You’ve got an exciting journey ahead!  We wish you the best as you develop your award-winning concepts for the competition.

Color has a strong voice in communicating your visions.  And, we are privileged to offer you any of our color tools (and accessory sprays) to support your designs.

Below are links to favored color products, or use the FIND A PRODUCT or EXPLORE tabs above to select the items you need.  Choose the number of cans you require and note them on this fillable order form.  Then, submit it to the procurement director.  We will tag your specific products and have them ready for you upon your arrival.

For your use, Design Master will set up a spray booth near the prep room.  Spraying inside the convention center is NOT permissible.  Please spray in the designated area.  More information on this will be provided by the competition organizers.

Should you have any questions about Design Master sprays please email me, Gretchen Sell, at  gretchen@dmcolor.com  …I’m delighted to assist!  Hope to meet you in Philadelphia, I’ll be there to cheer you on!




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TACK 2000