Sep 14 2016

Holiday Hobnail Jars

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Holiday Hobnail 3

Vintage like clear glass gets up-styled in sheer colors for a modern rustic holiday. Super quick & easy decorating!


Design Master Strawberry

Design Master Chartruese

2 Hobnail hanging jars

Wood letters to spell JOY

3 stems Artificial ilex branches

2 stems Artificial variegated holly

1 stem Artificial cedar

1 Column candle

Wire cutter

Double stick adhesive

Paper Towel



1. With soap and water, wash the exterior of the jars to remove any mold release residue or dirt from surface. Remove hangers.

2. Protect the spray area from overspray with newspaper or drop cloth.

3. Starting at the base, evenly spray the selected TintIT color all around the jar. Move up the jar as each band of color is applied. Leave an area unsprayed at the top, as shown. Let dry. Apply 1-2 more coats to deepen the color, each time not going as far up the jar. Let dry between coats.

hobnail jars

4. Reattach hangers and arrange jars with holiday greenery or candles.

5. To stain the wood letters, closely apply TintIT Chartruese to wet the wood surface. Immediately wipe the color into the wood. This accentuates the wood grain. Can repeat the process over any area if needed. Be sure to apply to the sides as well. Then, spraying from 12” away lightly apply another coat to even out the color. Each additional coat of TintIT will deepen the color. Apply as many needed to create the color desired.

6. When dry attach double-stick tape on backside of letters to hang.

SPRAY TIP: Metal bird figures are misted with Strawberry TintIT creating a complimenting red metallic finish.

red birds

After the holidays, the color finish can be removed from the glass with Mess Master or a solvent cleaner. Choose a new color for the next season!