Jan 16 2015

Love Quote Sign and Modern Metallic Vases

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Love Quote sign_vase

State Your Affections! This quotable sign and metallic color-blocked vases brimming in ‘love-me’ daisies will perfectly express your love.

Shopping List – Sign:

Design Master TintIT.™  Strawberry 532

Wood plaque

1 pkg Gold, raised adhesive-backed letters

latex gloves

paper towel



Technique – Sign:

1.  Protect your work area with newspaper.  Starting on the backside of the plaque, closely spray TintIT Strawberry on the wood.  Allow the spray to puddle.  Completely cover the whole back.  With a paper towel and a protected hand, immediately wipe TintIT into the wood, staining it red.  Let dry.

2.  Flip the sign over and color stain the front and sides in the same manner.

3.   Various types of wood will stain more evenly than others.  If an even coloration is desired mist Strawberry from approximately 15″ over the lighter stained areas.  Additional layers of TintIT will deepen the color.  You choose the desired color value.  Let dry.

4.  With a piece of scratch paper, ‘paper sand’ the surface to smooth out impurities.

5.  Select the letters needed to write the quote.  Apply adhesive letters to the stained wood.


Shopping List – Vases:

Design Master Modern Metals spray Champagne Silver 234 or Gold Lumina 238

Glass vases

Masking tape

Black twill ribbon

Thin gold wire

Pearl beads


Technique – Vases:

1.  Wash the glass and let dry thoroughly.  With tape, mask the top of bottom area of the vase.  The smoothest edge is created on the ‘straightest’ areas of the vase.  Ensure the edge of the tape is pressed securely down.

2.  From about 12″ spray a light coat of Modern Metals in even parallel, back-and-forth strokes.  The first coat WILL look transparent.  Let dry.  Then apply and additional 1-2 coats, drying between applications.

3.  When dry, remove the masking tape.

4.  Embellish the vase with either ribbon tied in a simple bow or in pearls. String pearls loosely on the gold wire.  After every pearl, twist it to secure pearl in place on the wire.  Create a length long enough to wrap around the vase neck several times.

5.  Arrange the vase with blossoms.  Here, red carnations are tightly arranged making a base for the gerbera daisies to be focused.