Sep 26 2011


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A Halloween Mask With a Day of the Dead



Design Master Flat White 726

Design Master Dresden Clear Glaze 655

Design Master Glitter Spray Red 834

Paper mache skeleton mask

Paint pens in black, red, green

2 yds sheer orange ribbon

2 red silk roses

Hot glue/glue gun

Hole punch


  1. Spraying approximately 12” from surface apply 2-3 coats of Flat White. Let dry between coats.
  2. With paint pens, design and paint design around eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks and other areas. Paint leaves at crown. Let dry.
  3. Apply 2 coats of Dresden Clear Glaze over mask. Let dry between coats.
  4. With a hole punch, make 2 holes on either side of mask and thread with ribbon pieces. Alternating half knots are made partially on ribbon streamers.
  5. Spray red roses with Glitter Red. Let dry. Clip base of silk roses tight to blossom. Glue in place.