Jul 27 2015

Mini Pallet with Plants

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Mini Palletsnagit

Easy to blend TintIT.® colors create an ombre color grid for unique wall planter

by Gretchen Sell for Design Master



Design Master 533 Sunflower and 530 Pinkolicious

6 Basswood slats ¼” x 3” x 24”

4 Basswood strips 1/4”x ¼” x 1” x 24”

fine grade sandpaper

scrap paper

latex gloves

paper towel

54 small nails/braids


1 picture hanging kit



1. Sand the wood slats to smooth the surface. Wipe away the dust.

2. Prepare a protected surface to spray the wood slats. Wear latex gloves.

3. Closely spray TintIT.® Sunflower on a slat. Let the spray puddle and wet the wood surface. Be sure to color the edges as well.

step 3A

Immediately, while the color is still wet, wipe the TintIT into the wood with a paper towel. If an area is missed closely apply some more TintIT and wipe again. Let dry. This application enhances the wood grain. Color 4 of the 6 slats in this method.

Step 3B

4. Color the remaining 2 unfinished wood slats in the same manner using TintIT Pinkolicious.

5. Set aside 1 of the yellow stained wood slats. To a 2nd yellow slat, mist with Sunflower at a distance of about 15”. Even out the wood color by misting areas that might look lighter. Then to deepen the yellow, evenly mist the whole slat. These 2 slats will be the top 2 rungs on the palette.

6. To the remaining 2 lightly stained yellow slats, lightly mist with Pinkolicious TintIT from approximately 15” away. The colors will blend to make a light coral hue. Keep one of these slats light in value to use as the 3rd rung on the palette.

Step 6A

Then on the other slat mist another coat of Pinkolicious to deepen the color. If desired, also mist with Sunflower to balance the coral color. This will be used for the 4th rung on the palette.

Step 6B

7. To the light pink stained slats, select one to set aside for the 5th rung of the palette. To the 2nd pink slat, mist with Pinkolicious at a distance of about 15”. Even out the wood color by misting areas that might look lighter. Then to deepen the pink, evenly mist the whole slat. This slat will be the last rung on the palette.

8. After slats have dried, sand the wood with the scrap paper. This will remove impurities caught in the spray, but not the color.

9. Assemble the palette. Nail 2 of the 1” wide strips together to make thicker. Align the strips 1/2” in from the edge of the slats and nail the rungs to the wood strip.

10. Attached a picture hanging kit to backside. Keep the wire tight to hide behind a slat. Attach to wall; arrange air plants between rungs and Enjoy!