Apr 10 2015

Stone Mini Magnet Planter

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Rock your refrigerator décor with these super cute magnets. Easy to create faux stone planters house a small succulent.

designed by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas for DESIGN MASTER


Design Master Quarry 862

Sculpey® Polymer Clay

Strong magnet

E6000 adhesive

½ inch dowel or marker pen


stone 1

1. Shape a ball of the Sculpey clay into a 1-inch ball. Press a ½” dowel (or marker) into the center of the clay ball to hollow it out. Shape the ball around the dowel to give it an irregular rock like shape.

2. With the dowel still in the clay, press one side of the clay ball on a flat surface so you have one flat side. Keeping the dowel in place while you do this insures the hole in the center of your finished planter maintains a rounded shape.

3. Remove the dowel or marker and bake the planter in the oven according to the instructions on the Sculpey clay package.

4. After your planter is baked and cooled, spray the planter with ColorTEX Quarry. Apply several light coats, letting the texture set for about 10 minutes before applying another coat. Let the planter dry thoroughly before handling (6 hours).

5. Glue the magnet to the flat side of the planter with E6000 glue. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

6. When the planter is finished plant it with a small succulent.

stone 2