Oct 24 2016


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DES-8034 OmbrePumpkinCandle 2

Ombre Pumpkin Candle Holder Perfect Fall Home-Decor. Simple, Stylish, Sheer& Modern

by Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.


Design Master TintIT. Sunflower,  Mango,  Strawberry
Design Master Mess Master (optional)
Glass bowl, 10″ round
Pillar candle,  battery-operated, 6″ tall, ivory or white

Misc.: Old newspapers, large cardboard box (for spraying)


1. Thoroughly clean and dry glass bowl. Read label instructions and read through all steps before spraying.
In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box) set bowl upside down and spray outside with Sunflower TintIT as many coats as needed to get the desired intensity. Let dry.
DES-8034 OmbrePumpkinCandleStep1T2

2. Hold can of Mango close enough to bowl to create a visible, vertical stripe,  but far away enough that paint doesn’t run (about 12″–15″). Apply painted stripe. Spray over stripe again, with can held just a little farther away, to blend edges of first stripe and to intensify middle of stripe.To make evenly-spaced stripes, turn bowl around to exactly opposite side and repeat process. Then, make stripes halfway in between those two. Last, make stripes in between each existing stripe, for a total of 8 stripes. Let dry.
DES-8034 OmbrePumpkinCandleStep2T2

3.  Similarly, apply stripes of Strawberry to centers of existing stripes, to darken. (Note: If dissatisfied with results, use Mess Master to remove paint by spraying directly on bowl and wiping off with paper towels. Then simply start again!)
DES-8034 OmbrePumpkinCandleStep3T2

4. Look at bowl against white to decide if you need to darken any areas. It’s ideal if there is a distinct stripe, but one that feathers and blends along the edge. Add more spray as desired. Let dry. Set candle into bowl and turn on. For best viewing, display on light or white color.DES-8034 OmbrePumpkinCandleStep4T2

Alternative: Light pumpkin with battery powered LED fairy lights.   To convert into a treat bowl, line bowl with crumpled white tissue paper and fill inside with candy.