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Deep Blue D43


Matte Finish
Dip and Rinse
Flower Dye

color large quantities
of fresh or silk flowers,
mix colors

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Why you will love working with our Professional Bulk Dye Dipit

  • Dry Time:10 minutes or less
  • Net Weight:1 QT (.946 l)
  • Coverage:Varies with flower type
  • Application Conditions:Use at room temperature (70 °F)
  • Recoat Window:Anytime after flower has dried
  • Cleanup:

    Protect skin, clothing and work surface as dye will stain

  • SPECS:alcohol based, rinse and dip dye

  • Suggest using latex gloves while dyeing to protect hands from staining.
  • Protect work area and clothing from splatter.
  • Use a wide mouth container for bucket for easy dipping.
  • Dip blossom into dye for approximately 2 seconds. Shake excess dye back into container, it’s reusable.
  • Rinse blossom thoroughly in clear water and shake again over a drain. Let dry before handling to avoid staining of clothes, etc.
  • For darker shades, re-dip flowers after they have dried.
  • For lighter values, reduce the dye strength with some water.  Be careful not to reduce it too much, as the ability to fix the color may suffer due to extreme dilution.
  • Dipit dyes are not water based and should not be poured down the drain. Recommend leftover dye solution be absorbed into sawdust, wood chips or newspaper. These may then be disposed of in the normal trash.