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Mess Master 649

Spray Paint Removers

Solvent Cleaner
Faux FInish Solution
Removes Paint

blends color sprays
wipes away color
removes adhesives

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Why you will love working with our multi-purpose product Mess Master

  • Dry Time:as cleaner - 1 minute / as faux finish solution - 10 minutes or less
  • Net Weight:11 OZ (312 g)
  • Coverage:Influenced by usage.
  • Application Conditions:Use in a room temperature (70 °F), low humidity and a well-ventilated area
  • Recoat Window:Recoat at anytime
  • Cleanup:

    Wipe up excess with paper toweling

  • SPECS:Solvent spray

  • Ensure good ventilation.
  • Protect adjacent surfaces. If spraying heavily set item on stack of newspaper to absorb excess.
  • Spray directly onto surface or into paper towel and wipe.
  • Reapply as necessary.
  • Etches plastic and acrylic surfaces for better paint adhesion.
  • To blend colors, flush Mess Master over surface painted with Design Master® color sprays. As the color softens, underlying colors are exposed and flow together in unique blended patterns. Reapply if desired.
  • For a distressed paint finish, wrap a paper towel around index finger and saturate with Mess Master. Wipe fingertip over selected areas to remove paint, exposing underneath surface.
  • Wash hands after use.