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überfrost 569

New Color

Frosted Finishes

Indoor, Frosted Finish
Clear Ultra Matte
Fast Drying

create smooth frosted or salt blasted finishes

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Why you will love working with überfrost

  • Dry Time:5 minutes
  • Net Weight:10 OZ (283 g)
  • Coverage:Influenced by usage. Up to 16 sq ft - single coat
  • Application Conditions:Use in a room temperature (70 °F), low humidity and a well-ventilated area
  • Recoat Window:Some paints require its application to be within (so many) minutes or after (so many) hours. Design Master sprays can be reapplied at any time.
  • Cleanup:

    Mess Master, lacquer thinner or acetone

  • SPECS:Clear solvent-based, lacquer type spray

  • Frosted Finish Technique: Hold can upright 8”-10” from the object. Spray away from you using even, parallel strokes in overlapping, sweeping motions. For the smoothest finish start spraying at the bottom, encircle the item then move up the object keeping a wet edge. Let dry then apply a second coat.
  • Salt Blast Technique: To a section of the glass or surface , apply überfrost 6“-8” away in a slightly heavy coat. Avoid runs. While wet, sprinkle on BAKING SODA. Take a pinch of baking soda between your thumb and index finger then rub the two together releasing a light stream of baking soda. Repeat this process until the entire surface is treated. Let it dry then apply a light topcoat of übermatte to seal the surface.
  • Can be used over Design Master TintIT. or Just For Flowers and COLORTOOL Sprays.
  • Remove the finish with our Mess Master, lacquer thinner, acetone or a solvent based cleaner.
  • The finish can be cleaned with a soft damp towel.  Do not clean immersed in water.
  • Refrigeration of frosted vases is not recommended.