Jul 20 2011

Shoreline Treasures

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Shoreline Treasures

A Wood Crate Turned Mossy Houses Gathered

Beach Finds in This Evening Centerpiece.



Design Master Mossy 868

Unfinished wood CD crate

2 cylinder glass vases

1 stem artificial silver dollar spray

1 bush artificial variegated grass

1 bag assorted shells

2 floating candles

Styrofoam® Brand Foam

Glue/glue gun

Craft knife

Wire clippers

Spanish moss



  1. Protect work area with newspaper. Turn spray nozzle of Mossy to black dot on can rim. Following can directions apply 2 coats of Mossy to the CD crate. Let dry.
  2. Trim Styrofoam to fit crate leaving a little room on sides and slightly lower than rim. Adhere Styrofoam into CD crate.
  3. Cover foam with spanish moss.
  4. Cut grasses into individual stems and silver dollar into smaller pieces. Set 2 cylinder vases in place and arrange grass and silver dollar around them.
  5. Glue shells around vases and between grasses.
  6. Fill vases with water and insert candles.