Dec 12 2017

Skate Skills

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Thrift store ice skates get an overhaul for nostalgic, winter wonderland decor.

by Craft Marketing Connections



Design Master COLORTOOL Metals  734 Brilliant Silver 
Design Master ColorTEX  867 Flurry
Design Master übermatte 555 Mist
Tack 2000 Spray Adhesive

Oval frame, plastic or wood, 21″ tall, any color (with some type of hanger on back)
Child’s old style ice skates
1/2″ wide, silver 4 yds. (for skate laces)
1 1/2″ wide, silver, 3 yds. (for bow)
Cord, medium weight, silver, 4 ft. (holds skates)
Snowflake Stickers:
White, twelve, approx. 1″ diameter
Silver, one, approx. 1 1/2″ diameter
Misc.: Old newspapers, copy paper, paper towels, cleaning cloth, masking tape, twist tie, scissors and glue gun


1. Remove and discard the laces from the skates. Clean the skates and wipe off any dust from the oval frame.

2. Read the label instructions on the cans for spraying tips. Spray in a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area and replace the newspaper between colors. First, spray several light coats of Brilliant Silver on the frame. Let dry.

3. Hold the Flurry ColorTEX can inside the opening of the frame. Spray along the bottom inside edge and front of the frame, tapering off on how hard you’re pressing the nozzle about one third the way up the sides of the frame. This will resemble a dusting of snow. Let dry over night.

4. While the frame is drying, use tape to mask off the heel and bottom of the shoe part of each skate. Tape and fold copy paper to cover the runner parts of each skate. (Cover anything that you don’t want to be sprayed Mist.)

5. Spray each skate with several light coats of Mist. Let dry. Cut two 2 yd. lengths of 1/2″ wide silver ribbon and diagonally trim ends to points. Then loosely lace up both skates, tying a bow at the top. Diagonally re-trim ribbon ends.

6. For greater assurance that the white snowflake stickers will adhere to the skates, place them, wrong side up, in the spraying station. Then, spray them with Tack 2000. Evenly spread out and attach six snowflake stickers to one side of each skate. (Be sure that you have the skates both facing the same direction.)

7. Cut a 30″ length of silver cord. Knot one end several times. Hold one skate up by the top edge (ankle area). Find the point at which the skate angles to one side, the way you want it to hang. Pinch that spot, then apply hot glue to the inside of the skate and glue the knot end of the cord to that place. (Ideally it will be between the tongue and the inside of the skate so that you can apply additional glue so that the tongue covers the knot.) This will be the lower hanging skate.)
Repeat with the other skate, gluing it at the same place so that both skates will hang at the same angle. Let dry.

8. Ideally, hang the thoroughly dry frame from a nail or hook to attach the skates. Ask a helper to hold the skates inside the opening while you bring each cord up, wrap around the frame, and knot it at the top center of the frame (or on either side of the saw tooth hanger if there is one.) Check the positions of the skates and then knot several times and apply glue to the knots, on the back, to secure them.

9. With the 1 1/2″ wide silver ribbon, make a multi-loop bow by folding ribbon back and forth into five 4-inch loops on each side, with approx. 12″ – 16″ tails. Bind the middle with a twist tie and fluff the ribbon into a loopy bow. Hot glue the silver snowflake sticker in the center. Glue the bow to the top of the frame, covering the wrapped cords that hold the skates.