Jun 21 2018

Stars and Stripes Tote

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It’s heating up!  Are you carting goodies to the beach, pool or cookout this summer? Don’t grab just any tote. Honor your summer independence with this festive bag. It’s easy to make in a jiffy and will keep you stylin’ through Labor Day!

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas


Design Master TintIT  531 Strawberry

Design Master TintIT 536 Sapphire

Design Master COLORTOOL  726 Flat White

Natural rattan tote

Wooden star cutouts

Thin gold wire

Hot glue and glue gun

Fine grit sandpaper


1. Spray the center of the tote in a band of Sapphire.  Then spray the top and bottom areas in bands of  in Strawberry.  Let the tote  dry.

2. Spray striped of Flat White above and below the center blue band. Allow to dry.

3. Lightly sand the wood stars to remove rough edges. Spray them with Flat White and let dry.

4. Wrap the star with gold wire in a random pattern.

5. Hot glue the stars to the center blue stripe on the tote.