May 24 2010

Summer Citrus

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Summer Citrus

Chatruese Adds a Vibrant Accent to

this Summertime Bouquet.


Design Master Olive Bright 790

Natural basket

Stryrofoam® brand foam

Wood picks

6 – 4 silk white or light green hydrangea

1 bolt ribbon – 1 ½” Retro Stripe in yellow/aqua

3 artificial oranges

3 artificial lemons

Glue/glue gun


Wire clippers


citrus basket b4 white Hyd b4


  1. Protect work area from overspray with newspaper. Shake can of Olive Bright vigorously. Lightly spray basket approx. 15″-18″ from surface to add a translucent application of color. Let dry.
  2. Lightly spray hydrangea blossoms with Olive Bright in the same manner. (Change white blooms to green or brighten light green ones.) Fluff florets and lightly mist again for more coverage.
  3. Trim Styrofoam to fit basket with top slightly below basket rim.
  4. Place ribbon around basket and through one handle. Tie in a simple shoestring fashion.
  5. Clip leaves from stem. Cut hydrangea stems and insert into foam in a mounding fashion.
  6. With knife cut a short slit into oranges and lemons. Insert a wood pick into fruit then arrange in bouquet, inserting pick into foam.
  7. Glue or pick leaves into arrangement.