Apr 17 2020

Vase Dressed In Style

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Ever look at the accessories in your home and wonder, what can I do for some oomph? Let’s look at what a little color magic and repurposing can accomplish!

This long-necked, clear vase has a brand new personality. It still shows off its graceful lines but brings a little sexy back!  All accomplished by layering 2 colors of übermatte® spray.

First, wash the vase to ensure the exterior is clean of any invisible films left from the molding process. Mask the upper portion and neck of the vase with painters’ tape. It’s easiest to lay the tape at the widest point of vase. Be sure to press the tape edges down securely.

Then, spray the first color layer, which is visible on the inside of the vase, with übermatte CREMA 558. Two light coats are applied. Let dry between coats. (übermatte dries fast so there’s little down time.)

Now apply the exterior color, übermatte BEACH 559, in two light coats as well. When the rich matte finish is dry to the touch the painters’ tape can be removed and the vase handled. The painted finish becomes most durable when it is thoroughly dry in 12 hours to overnight. Any of the other übermatte colors and even our COLORTOOL® Spray can be used in combinations with this technique.

Repurpose a belt from your closet or a thrift-store-find that compliments your interior. Wrap it around the vase neck and buckle in place. Style the vase with pampas grass or your favorite floral statement.