Jan 14 2010

Vintage Mod Bouquet

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Vintage Mod Bouquet

Natural Sola Flowers Easily Tinted in a Vintage Palette Become a Fashionable Statement for a Modern Bride.

Designed by: Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master Prairie Grass 751

Design Master Perfect Pink 780

Design Master Coral 777

3 Silk hydrangea – ivory

15 Carnation sola flowers

15 Gardenia sola flowers

30 white pipe cleaners

5 -1 Inch rhinestone buttons

Yarn – sage green, dusty pink and coral

3 yards 2″ wide ivory, velvet ribbon

12″ – ¼” wide ivory, velvet ribbon

6 Sprays vintage style, light green, velvet leaves

22 Gauge florist wire

Florist tape – light green

Hot glue gun and glue


VB step1

1. Start your bouquet by prepping your sola flowers. Divide your sola flowers into four piles. Spray ¼ Coral, ¼ Prairie Green, ¼ Perfect Pink and leave ¼ the natural ivory color. Give the flowers a light mist of color. Concentrate most of color on the tips of the petals, allowing the color to lighten as it fades into the center of the flower.

VB step2

2. Attach the pipe cleaners to all the sola flowers. Bend the end of the pipe cleaner so there is a small hook on one end. Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the backside of the sola flowers.

VB Step3

3. Remove any leaves from the hydrangea. Gather the hydrangeas in a dome shape and tape them together with the florist tape. This will provide structure and support as you pull the sola flowers through the gathered hydrangeas. You will want to make sure the bouquet maintains an even, dome shape and has a pleasing dispersion of color.

VB Step4

4. Breakdown the velvet leaf spray into clusters of 3 leaves. Hot glue the leaf clusters evenly throughout the bouquet.

VB Step4B

VB Step5

5. Make small bows out of yarn. Wire the rhinestones into the center of the yarn bows. Place rhinestone and yarn accents evenly throughout the bouquet.


6. Make four looped bows out of the wide velvet ribbon. Collar the underneath of the bouquet with the ribbon bows. Make five bows from the yarn. Place the yarn bows underneath the velvet bows. Tape the bows to the stem of the bouquet using florist tape. Wrap the stem of the bouquet in yarn. Add an accent of three velvet leaves and a small velvet bow.