Mar 19 2014

Winter Bouquet

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Winter Bouquet

Winterize Silk Blossoms with Snow and Frost Crystals.

by: Design Master


Design Master Modern Metals Champagne Silver 234

Design Master ColorTEX Flurry 123  

Design Master Glue For Glitter

Rectangular glass vase

Painter’s tape

Loose opalescent micro-glitter

Crystal flakes

Silk Flowers: White anunculus, White stock, Artificial juniper and Laurel foliage


Wire clippers

Styrofoam® brand foam.


  1. Apply a band of masking tape about 1.5″-2″ down from the lip of the vase.
  2. Turn vase upside down and apply 2-3 light coats of Champagne Silver, spraying approx. 12″ from the surface. Let dry between coats. When dry, remove tape to reveal glass.
  3. Cut a narrow piece of Styrofoam to snuggly fit low into vase. This will provide a secure base for the flower stems.
  4. Apply Flurry in short burst to select stock blossoms. It’s not necessary to spray the whole flower. Sprinkle Flurry sections with micro-glitter. Let blossoms dry approx. 8 hours.
  5. On selected ranunculus blooms, laurel foliage and pinecones, spray Glue for Glitter then sprinkle on crystal flakes. Let dry.
  6. Arrange blossoms and foliage, inserting into foam for secure placement.

Note: Read and follow manufacturer’s directions on individual products.