Oct 09 2015

Too Cute Tutu

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Ballerina or princess inspired, tutus are fun! And, easy to make in most any color using Design Master Sprays.

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master Just For Flowers 138 Purple Pansy or 137 Blue Delphinium

3 – 25 yard rolls of 6” wide white tulle

Decorative ribbon

Crochet headband in white

Rhinestone snowflakes

Small bucket

Hot glue gun/glue


11” long piece of cardboard


Step2 tutu 760x540

1.  Cut all the tulle into 22” long strips. This process is made easier by wrapping the tulle around the cardboard about 20 times.


Step3 tutu 760x540

Then cut the tulle on one end so you are left with 22” long strips. Repeat this process with all 6 rolls of tulle.



2.  Stack 5 pieces of the 21”x3” tulle strips on top of each other. Spray them with TintIT Plum or Sapphire until the depth of color you want is achieved. Paint approximately half the pre-cut tulle strips.


Step5 tutu 760x540

3.  Cut the strips in half lengthwise so they are each 3” wide. Do this by stacking about 10 pieces of tulle.


Step6 tutu 760x540

Then fold the tulle on to itself and cut it in half on the width.


Step8 tutu 760x540

4.  Measure the waist of the little girl you are making the tutu for to make sure the headband will fit snugly as the tutu waistband. If you need more width you can sew together two headbands to get the size needed. Place the headband on a bucket to hold it in place as you work.


Step9 tutu 760x540

5.  Take one colored tulle strip and one white tulle strip stack them on top of each other. Fold them in half in your hand.


Step10 tutu 760x540

6.  Starting at the bottom edge of the headband, take the folded pieces of tulle and poke it through the first hole in the headband, working from the front side of the headband out through the backside of the headband.

Step11 tutu 760x540

Bring the folded point of the headband out through the hole above and loop the ends of the tulle through the folded point in the tulle.


Step12 tutu 760x540

Pull the strips tight. Repeat the process with the holes above the knotted tulle.


Step13 tutu 760x540

Continue until you have two rows of knotted tulle all the way around the entire headband.

7.  Embellish the front of the tulle with a bow and streamers of varying ribbons.

8.  Hot glue rhinestone snowflakes to the top layer of tulle in a random pattern.

Spray Tip:  Design Master COLORTOOL Spray applied in a light coat will also color tulle.  Now make tutus in most any color you can imagine!!