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Color Theory

Color is a dynamic element of design.  It’s active! As each color is defined by its interaction with another.  These interactions convey moods and express feelings creating a language unto itself.  Get to know color with our nifty little peak at the intricacies of color.  While the principles are depicted with floral elements they hold true for any design medium.  View our “As a Designer” color brochure.

Color Card

A Palette Chart featuring all our products on a double-sided, 8.5″ x 11″ page can be viewed here: 2023 Palette. The NEWEST additions to this card are also viewable on our website @ Find A Product.

Simple. Smart. Safe. Sound

Providing peak performing products while honoring the stewardship of our environment is our commitment to you!  We invest heavily to make our products and labels safe and compliant with regulations. Learn why Design Master products are Simple. Smart. Safe. Sound. with answers to your questions about buying aerosol color.

Color Shifting

Wouldn’t it be grand to have more control of our flower palettes much like a painter controls theirs? A white flower is a blank canvas for color. But finessing color on color can create more natural and sophisticated hues. Use this primer as a foundation to develop color shifting skills.  Color Shifting | pushing color direction

Flower Dyeing

Coloring flowers requires unique products and techniques.  Design Master offers two dyeing methods to meet your different needs.  As transparent color, dyes can be mixed to create new hues.  Learn how with these recipes:

Just For Flowers Recipes

Absorbit Recipes

HOW-TO Videos

Watch and learn spraying basics, techniques, unique finishes and product overviews. View our video | spray tips®