Feb 17 2015

DIY Fun Button Tray

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botton tray

Clear out that junk drawer and re-purpose those old buttons to create this DIY metallic button tray.


Design Master Rose Gold 241

Design Master Super Silver 732

Design Master 14KT Gold 230

14” long x 6” wide x 1/2” deep- wooden tray

Buttons in a variety of sizes from 1” to 1/8”

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

2 part clear resin




1. With a piece of scrap paper, fine sand the exterior of the wood tray.  This will create a smoother finish.  Paint the  tray with 14KT Gold


2. Spray ½ of the buttons with Super Silver and the other ½ with Rose Gold.


3. Hot glue the buttons to the tray.  Vary the sizes and colors of the buttons and cover the entire tray bottom.

4. Mix the resin according to product instructions and pour over the button tray.  Allow the resin to set completely before using the tray.