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Why you will love our Sealers

Pottery Sealer seals terra cotta pottery and saucers to keep looking new.  Protects against water seepage and resists staining by salts and mineral deposits.  Can be applied over or under decorative pot painting.  – LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE –

  • fast drying
  • indoor or outdoor use
  • seals unglazed potter
  • protects against water seepage
  • varnish-based spray
  • alternatively use as a durable clear coat to enhance color and durability

Super Surface Sealer is a quick drying, satin sealer that protects delicate items in a thin, flexible coating.  Seals porous surfaces, reduces shattering of dried flowers, protects ribbons in humid conditions and enhances colors.  Use as a primer before spraying vinyl surfaces with Design Master color sprays as it mitigates any incompatibility between the vinyl surface and color spray.  Not intended for extended outdoor use.

  • quick drying
  • thin, flexible finish
  • pre-treatment sealer
  • use as a primer before spraying vinyl items
  • lacquer based spray

(2) unique colors available

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