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Clear Sprays to Enhance Blossom Life

prolongs blossom
freshness and beauty
quick drying, clear mist

Why you will love using our Flower Care products

Petal Proofer is a clear protective mist that retards petal shattering from the calyx of delicate fresh flowers such as mums, altromeria, camellias and more.

  • fast drying
  • protects delicate flowers from shattering
  • ideal for all types of mums

Clear Life is a clear protective mist that seals in moisture to keep flowers fresh.  It extends the life for fresh flowers without a water source.

  • fast drying
  • extends freshness of flowers out of water
  • ideal for corsages and boutonnieres
  • allows for time-saving advance preparation
  • invisible on light colored blossoms

(2) unique colors available

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New Products