Just for Flowers Video Cover

Just for Flowers

Professional Floral

Indoor, Satin Finish
Spray Flower Dye
Transparent Color

fast drying
fresh flower safe
doesn't hide details

Why you will love using our Just For Flowers

We FIBBED! Just For Flowers ISN’T just for flowers. Y-e-e-s-s, Just For Flowers is transparent flower dye in a convenient spray application. And Y-e-e-s, it does instantly color fresh, silk and dried flowers with a natural impression of color. It’s been a must-have-tool with professional florists for decades. But on par with our other spray products, versatility is our game! Just For Flowers is also ideal for paper crafts, mixed media and general crafting.

This sheer-color spray offers options to fabricate color from just one can! DYE flowers, canvas, fabrics & leather. STAIN wood, paper & concrete. GLAZE glass, ceramics & metal. COLOR without hiding surface details. TINT white surfaces using a light application. LAYER more coats to deepen the color. BLEND spray colors over one another. COLOR SHIFT the underlying surface with spray color. Countless color options at your fingertip!

  • ultra-fast drying, handle in minutes
  • transparent color
  • doesn’t hide blossom details
  • infuse blooms with a natural impression of color
  • use on most types of flowers including fresh
  • enhances fresh flower life – slows down evaporation of moisture through petals
  • will not smear when moistened
  • use on many more surfaces than just flowers
  • does not curl or warp paper
  • acid free, and non-toxic when dry
  • match or coordinate colors
  • enliven blossoms with more brilliance
  • shift colors to neighboring hues
  • easy ombre color technique
  • ideal for color-conscious wedding designs
  • excellent on satin, sheer & lace ribbons and fabric wedding accessories
  • modified lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

(16) unique colors available

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