Spray Adhesives Video Cover

Spray Adhesives

Special Purpose

Versatile Bonding for a Variety of Surfaces

safe on fresh flowers and Styrofoam™ brand foam

Why you will love working with our Spray Adhesives

Design Master offers these spray adhesives to provide acid-free bonding for various floral and decorative projects.

TACK 2000 is strong, multi-purpose bonding for heavier materials and floral products.  Safe on fresh flowers and foliage.  Even holds wet moss.

  • strong bonding
  • multi-purpose
  • ideal for flowers, foliages and wet moss
  • extended open tack time
  • acid-free

Glue for Glitter is invisible drying adhesive for adhering all types of sprinkle decoration.  – LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE –

  • dries to a clear invisible bond
  • can be used as a sealing topcoat
  • adheres all types of glitter, micro-beads, sequins, etc.
  • safe on fresh flowers and Styrofoam brand foam
  • acid-free

(2) unique colors available

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