Jun 23 2014

Faux Gold Leaf

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Gold leaf pic final

The Gold revival has begun!  Gold containers and accessories are emerging in gift markets everywhere.  Create your own gold leaf vase or accessory using this simple leafing technique,  as featured in the bouquet above on uBloom.com : Ombre Event Centerpiece.

Shopping List

Design Master Just For Flowers® Lemon 132

Design Master TACK 2000

Rectangular Glass Vase

Aluminum Foil

Scissors and Knife


1.  Cut pieces of aluminum foil.  Considering the shinier side of the foil as the front, spray the back side with Tack 2000.

gold leaf pic 1


2.  Gently rub your fingers over the foil to adhere foil sections on to glass.  Smooth out bubbles but leave some wrinkles for character.   Layer additional pieces of foil in similar fashion to cover the whole surface.gold leaf pic 2


3.  Trim excess foil from rim.

gold leaf pic 3


4.  Mist the foil with 1-2 coats of Lemon.  The transparent yellow spray lets the metallic feature of the foil show while transforming the silver to gold. If desired, tone or deepen the lemony-gold created with an additional light misting of Just For Flowers Daffodil 131.gold leaf pic 4

SPRAY TIP:  To create a softer gold finish first apply Flat White using the water resist technique.  With a misting bottle, lightly mist the untreated foil with water.  Immediately spray Flat White in a random fashion.  Wipe away excess water to leave an irregular mottled pattern.  Then apply Lemon and Daffodil as noted above.  The result is the color and texture as seen below and in the first project photo.

gold leaf pic 5