Aug 24 2015

Initial Welcome

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Initial Welcome

A super easy ombre finish created with transparent color, Just For Flowers, makes this initial plaque a dynamic accent.

by Gretchen Sell for Design Master



Design Master 133 Fresh Green

12”x16” Art Canvas

Wood Initial

Painters Tape

Newsprint or Paper

Fine Grade Sand Paper

Double Stick Tape

Latex Gloves



1. Spray the canvas and its sides with a light coat of Fresh Green, Just For Flowers. Let it dry. Then closely spray more Fresh Green, pooling and wetting the surface. In a circular motion, immediately wipe the color into the canvas with a paper towel. This technique will enhance the base texture of the canvas. Reapply and wipe Fresh Green again in any area you want to tweak.

Step 1 A B

2. Adhere a strip of painter’s tape along the edge of newsprint or paper. Firmly adhere it to the canvas to mask the lightest color band. Ensure the tape’s edge is firmly adhered to keep a clean line. From approximately 12”-15” evenly spray another coat of Fresh Green over the exposed canvas. This step deepens the color for the 2nd color band. Let dry.

Step 2

3. Repeat Step 2 using a fresh band of painter’s tape and mask. Spray to deepen the 3rd gradient.

4. Repeat the Step 2 technique again to create the deep color background for the initial. Evenly apply another 1-2 coats to achieve the deep color. Set aside for a few minutes then pull away the tape. Let the canvas thoroughly dry.

Step 4 A B

5. Sand the wood initial and remove the dust. Protect your hands with latex gloves. Closely spray Fresh Green to puddle and wet the surface. Be sure to spray the edges as well. current utc time With paper towel immediately wipe the color into the wood surface to enhance the grain.   Let dry.

Step 5 A B

6. Apply double stick tape to the backside of the initial and adhere to the canvas.