Nov 14 2008

Living Green Poinsettia

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Design Master 12/05/05

YES You Can! …Spray Live Potted Poinsettias!  A modern citrus like green puts a spin on tradition.


Design Master Olive Bright 790

Design Master Ivory 724

Design Master Mess Master 649

4″ Potted Poinsettia White

4″ Tall Clay Pot

2 Clusters Red Glass Millimeter Balls

Paper Towel

Latex Glove


1. Spray in a room temperature, well-ventilated area. Protect adjacent areas from overspray.

2. Make sure poinsettia blossoms are clean and dry.

3. With glove-protected hand, gently lift overlapping bracts. In a light mist of color, spray bracts approx. 15″-18″ away. Color the underlying areas first then the top bracts.Design Master 12/05/05

4. Allow color to dry before applying a second light coat. This evens and enriches the color.Design Master 12/05/05

5. Spray clay pot in 2 coats of Ivory. Let dry.

6. Wrap paper towel around an index finger. Spray Mess Master onto fingertip then wipe away color on desired areas of clay pot. This adds a modern rustic look to the clay pot.

7. Plant poinsettia into pot. In a mounding fashion, pick red millimeter balls into soil.

Project Tip:  View the Graffiti PetalART brochure for more colorful poinsettia ideas.