Mar 10 2016


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Macrame Hanger 720x540

1970’s macramé plant hanger gets a modern remake.

by Gretchen Sell for Design Master

Design Master 126 Bougainvillea
32’ White parachute cord
1 D-Ring
3 Wood button cutout
2 Wood flower cutout
3-5 Wood spools
Latex gloves
Paper towel
8”x 8” Pot

1.  Protect your hands with latex gloves.  Gather all the cord into a wad and spray Bougainvillea closely, wetting the cord.  Toss and turn the cord while spraying to completely color the cord.  Run the cord through your fingers to straighten then let dry.
Step1 760x540
2.  On the wood cutouts and spools spray Bougainvillea close, wetting the whole surface.  While still wet, wipe the Just For Flowers color into the wood with a paper towel to accentuate the wood grain. Let dry.  If desired, lightly mist the items to darken the color.  Let dry.

3.  Cut 3 lengths of cord 10’ each.  Reserve the remaining 2’ for tying off the hanger.  Singe the cord ends with the lighter to prevent fraying.

4.  Fold the 3 lengths in half and attach to the D-ring using a lark’s head knot.  To make rest of the knotting easier, hang the D-ring.

Step4 760x540
5.  Thread each button cutout thru one set of cords, place them approximately 12” from the D-ring.
Step5 760x540
6.  About 5” down from the wood buttons tie a series of 5 square knots on each set of cords.  To make a square knot place the right end over the left, then the left end over the right.
Step6 760x540
7.  Gather 1 cord from each neighboring set and tie 2 square knots about 3” down from the previous knots.  (If using a larger pot, adjust the distance from the previous knots to accommodate its size.)

8.  Gather 2 cords back together from original sets and tie 2 square knots about 3” down from the previous knots.

9.  To tie off the hanger gather all the cords about 3” down from the last knot.  Using the reserved piece of cording, lay one end of it next to the tails of the hanger.  Wrap the other/top end around all the gathered tails including the lower portion of the tying cord.  Wrap the cord for about 3” or desired length.
Step9a 760x540
10. Secure by tying 2 half hitch knots to the bottom section of the wrapping cord.
Step9b 760x540
11.  Thread some of the cord tails with flower cutouts and spools.  Tie overhand knots on all the ends at varying lengths then trim ends.  Singe cut cords with a lighter.

12.  Insert planted pot, hang and enjoy!