Aug 14 2016

Party Time Decor

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partytime decor 760x540

Celebrations become more festive with easy to make decorations.

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

Shopping List:

Design Master Just For Flowers Tiger Lily 129, Fresh Green 133

Clear bottles

Wood pennants, as many needed for desired length

Tinsel cord

Antique like buttons or brooches



Glue gun and glue sticks

Text book pages

Paper towel



  1.  Wash exterior of bottles with soap and water.  Let dry.
  2. Apply light coats of Tiger Lily. Let dry between coats. Each additional coat will darken the color. Can deepen color near the base to create an ombre look.
  3.  Accent with ribbon ties if desired.


  1. On each wood pennant, spray the surface closely and heavily with Fresh Green. Immediately wipe the color into the wood grain.
  2. Spraying about 12”-15“ from the pennant apply a light coat of Fresh Green to even the color or if desired, deepen it. Let dry.
  3. Cut book pages into 1.5”-2” wide strips. Fold pages back and forth creating accordion pleats. Fan strips into a medallion and glue edges together.   Blend medallions with a mist of Fresh Green.
  4. Decorate the medallions with a button glued in the center and tinsel cording around the perimeter. Glue the medallions to the wood pennants and string together with ribbon.