Sep 21 2010

Prairie Elements

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Prairie Elements

Make an Autumn Statement Piece.



Design Master Super Silver 732

Design Master Fresh Green 133

Large green glass urn

Fresh floral foam

Water misting bottle

Paper towels

Painter’s tape

6 chocolate glass ornaments

Variety of fresh grasses

Fresh flowers (green roses, gold dahlias, rosehips, chartreuse button pompons)

Wood picks


Glue/glue gun



  1. Turn urn upside down. Adhere small pieces of tape to the lip where it meets the body of the urn. Firmly press edges to ensure adhesion. (Using small pieces creates a cleaner painted edge.) Mask the remaining area of the lip with strips of tape.
  2. On a protected surface and urn placed upside down, mist water onto the urn. Apply approx. 15″ from the surface. Different amounts of water will produce different sized water droplets, thus different effects.
  3. Spray Super Silver over water droplets, applying approx. 12″ away.
  4. Dab or lightly wipe excess moisture away with paper towel revealing the green glass below. Let dry.
  5. Soak floral foam then cut and fit into urn opening.
  6. Glue tip of wood pick and insert into opening of glass ball ornaments. Let dry.
  7. To opening roses, enhance their color with a misting of Fresh Green. For safe application, be sure to spray approx. 15″ from blossom. Let dry.
  8. Gather grasses in bundles, wire together then lay over foam. Pick in place.
  9. Arrange remaining items in mounded fashion similarly to that shown.