Jun 28 2018

Pride Flag

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Color flies proud on this rustic-styled pride flag, artistically supporting love and inclusivity.

created by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master COLORTOOL 725 Flat Black

Design Master COLORTOOL 718 October Brown

Design Master COLORTOOL  716 Carnation Red

Design Master COLORTOOL 776 Tangerine

Design Master COLORTOOL 736 Yellow/Yellow

Design Master COLORTOOL 753 Spring Green

Design Master COLORTOOL 744 Blue Bright

Design Master COLORTOOL 740 Purple

8- 14″x 2″ wood slats

40″ Length of rope

Hot glue and glue gun

Wax candle, can be a scrap/used candle

Paint scraper


1. Rub the edges of the wood slats with the candle.

2. Spray each slat with one of the colors. Allow to dry.

3. Using the paint scraper, scrape off the wax under the paint to reveal a worn-wood, rustic look.

4. Lay out the rope in a “U” shape. Hot glue each painted slat to the rope stacking the slats close together in this pattern: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Hang with pride!