Oct 01 2011

Skeleton Shimmy

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Skeleton Shimmy

A Three Dimensional Puzzle Becomes a Unique

Halloween Decoration.



Design Master Flat White 726

Design Master Glue For Glitter 663

Chipboard skeleton wood puzzle

Opalescent Micro Glitter


  1. Spraying approximately 12” from surface apply 2-3 coats of Flat White while puzzle piece are intact in the wood sheets. Let dry between coats. Flip and spray other side in same manner.
  2. Punch out wood puzzle pieces and assemble.
  3. When assembled, spray skeleton again, applying 2-3 coats of color, concentrating on edges of the puzzle pieces. Let dry between coats.
  4. Spray the skeleton with Glue For Glitter and immediately sprinkle with opalescent glitter.