Oct 10 2019

Skull Topiary

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Guard your halloween door with this stately sentinel.  Gathered from the craft store, foam skulls turn to stone with this simple technique by @crafty.shannon.

Shopping List:

Design Master ColorTEX 862 Quarry
Design Master COLORTOOL Spray 726 Flat White
Design Master COLORTOOL Spray 725 Flat Black
Design Master 645 Primer (optional)
Foam Skulls (1-large, 3-medium, 1-small, 3- extra small)
2 bags of mini-skull vase fillers
Wooden dowel
Plaster urn
2 cans Expandable foam
Spanish moss
Black and orange glitter faux moss garland
10 foot long mini-light strand, battery pack
Hot glue gun and glue


1. Make a skull stack by piercing the foam skulls, largest to smallest on to the wooden dowel.

2. Remove skulls from the dowel and set aside.

3. Spray the urn completely with Primer. Let dry. (This step may be skipped if starting with a white or light colored urn.)

4. Fill the interior of the urn ½ way with expandable foam and place the dowel in the center of the foam-filled urn. Do not overfill the urn with foam. Allow the foam to harden enough to hold the dowel upright, straight and centered in the interior of the urn.

5. Reattach the skulls on the dowel by stacking them through the holes you previously made.

6. Working in small sections, spray expandable foam around the base of the stack. Take care to not over fill the area with foam.

7. Randomly place small skulls into the still wet expandable foam. Work around the base of the stack until you have a mound of skulls imbedded into the foam. Allow the foam to harden completely.

8. Spray the entire skull topiary with Flat White, allow to dry. Then spray the entire skull topiary and urn with Quarry,  not completely covering but layering  with Quarry.  Let dry.

9. Highlight the eyes and faces of the larger skulls with Flat Black. This creates dimension.

10. Layer light coats of Flat White and Quarry over the entire sculpture until the topiary and urn have the look of a stone carving. Allow to dry.

11. Hot glue Spanish moss and the glitter moss between the skulls and on to the urn. Wrap entire sculpture with mini-lights.