Oct 09 2015

Snowflake Invite

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Frozen Invitation

Delightful invitation for a special Princess themed party.

by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master TintIT. 536 Sapphire, 537 Plum and 535 Teal

Scrapbook paper to use as background paper

White card stock

1 inch wooden snowflake cut-outs

3 inch plastic snowflake ornaments

Double stick tape

Snowflake shaped sticker embellishments



1. Print the message on the white card stock.

2. Lay the wooden snowflakes on top of the cardstock and spray lightly with TintIT Plum. Let dry. Remove the snowflakes.

3. Lay the plastic snowflakes on the card stock and spray over them with the TintIT Sapphire. Let dry. Remove the snowflakes.

4. Tear the excess paper away around the message so you have a decorative edge to the paper.

5. Adhere the cardstock to the backing paper with double stick tape.

6. Cut away the backing paper to a size just large enough to have an edge of the backing paper show.

7. Lightly spray the snowflake stickers with TintIT. Spray some of them with Plum, some with Teal and some with Sapphire.

8. Attach the stickers to the finished invitation.