Oct 09 2015

Tinted Bottle Collection

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bottles 1Shapely recycled bottles are colored to make an attractive collection.  Sit them in a bright window or on a tabletop displaying fresh blossoms.

By Gretchen Sell for DESIGN MASTER



Design Master Just For Flowers 138 Purple Pansy, 137 Delphinium Blue or Just For Flowers color of your choice

Assortment of clear glass bottles


Plastic lazy susan (optional)

Short strips of narrow ribbon or cording (optional)

Starfish (optional)

Hot glue gun and glue (optional)


1. Wash bottles and let dry thoroughly.  Protect work area with newspaper or similar covering.

2. Apply color approximately 12” from the surface spraying a light coat in even parallel, back-and-forth strokes. For the most even and smoothest application of transparent color, start at the base of the bottle and move upward.  A plastic, lazy susan is helpful to spin the bottle as you spray. If desired, apply another light coat.  Each additional coat will deepen the color.  Let coats dry between applications.

3. You can choose to color the entire bottle or leave a portion exposed in its natural state. The bottom can be layered in coats to give a deeper base color than the top.  And, colors can be blended.  I.E. the short bottle to the left has Purple Pansy at the bottom and Delphinium Blue towards the top.  Embellish bottles with ribbon and shells if desired.