Mar 19 2014

Treasured Finds

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Treasured Finds

A collection of found items sparkle in opalescence.


Design Master Super Silver 732

Design Master Glossy Wood Tone 757

Design Master Glue For Glitter 663

Natural wooden box

Sand paper

Paper towels

Loose opalescent micro-glitter

Loose clear crystals

Hot glue/gun

Found items such as shells

Birds nest



Silk rosebuds


  1. Lightly sand box. In even parallel strokes spray a light coat of Glossy Wood Tone. Apply a second coat to even out tones. Apply another coat if desired. The more coats applied, the deeper the color will become. Let dry.
  2. Lightly mist some of the leaves with Super Silver. Spray shells and birds nest with Glue For Glitter and sprinkle loose glitter and crystals respectively.
  3. Arrange items in box and hot glue in place.