Apr 25 2014

Vintage Mossy Pots

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MeadowMossy Pot

1. 2. 3. PRESTO!  Antique Mossy Pots.   Aged terra cotta pots naturally enhance any garden design.  Instead of waiting for Mother Nature, create your own in a matter of minutes!  This technique was used in a featured episode on uBloom.com : Vintage Meadow Moss


Design Master Basil 676

Design Master Olive Bright 790

Design Master Clear Finish Matte 169  (optional)

Terra Cotta Pot

Water Misting Bottle

Baking Soda and Table Salt

Latex Gloves


1. Working in sections, spray an area of the terra cotta pot with water until water droplets form on the surface.

Meadow Mossy Pot 1


2.  Immediately spray Basil over the water.  Then dab or gently wipe excess moisture from the pot.  Irregular patterns of color are created.

Meadow Mossy Pot 2


3.  Repeat the above process to randomly cover the entire pot.

MeadowMossy Pot 3


4.  In a desired area closely spray Basil in a random fashion.  While paint is still wet, dust it with baking soda.

MeadowMossy Pot 4


5.  With a protected hand, rub baking soda into the paint and dust off any excess.  Then, repeat the process, applying more Basil in another section of the pot.

MeadowMossy Pot 5


6.  Followed by dusting and wiping away the baking soda.  In selected areas mist bursts of Olive Bright to give a variation of green to the finish.

MeadowMossy Pot 6


7.  Near the base of the pot, spray Basil closely to create a wet band of paint.

MeadowMossy Pot 7


8.  Sprinkle with table salt and pat salt into the paint.  Let the pot dry then knock of any excess salt.  If desired seal with Clear Finish Matte.

MeadowMossy Pot 8

SPRAY TIP:  The steps can be repeated over treated areas to produce more layers of moss if desired.