Oct 19 2018

Build a Halloween Mantle Display with Easy Crafts

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Do you find your busy self in the Halloween spirit but your mantle is in everyday attire?  READ ON!  Our friend Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, aka @Crafty.Shannon, shares some fun tips for a quick redress.  And, with crafts so easy you’d think there’s some hocus pocus going on!

You don’t always have to start decorating from scratch. The white ceramic urns and jar that anchor my mantle year round are great to stay in place.  They become statements in a divinely eerie palette of Black, Gray, Red and White. Maybe some of your staples can remain for a great base too.

With all the white, my mantle now needs contrast. Why not get right to the freaky with these ghastly figurines?!!

Thrift-store ceramic figures like a boy on a rocking horse and two little girls look rather innocuous before spraying them in Flat Black COLORTOOL Spray.  They take on visions of other realms when the eyes are painted white with acrylic paint! …If you want to brave the demonic, paint the eyes red!!

Metallic accents are fitting for most any decor display. Halloween is no exception!  Inspired by curiosities found in a haunted apothecary, these trophies of the most unusual specimens are super easy to make.

As though creatures from the lost lagoon, plastic fish and crustaceans are sealed in 656 Super Surface Sealer. When dry, a coat of 24KT Pure Gold metallic spray enrich them for display on wood plaques colored in 725 Flat Black, spray. Would you have guessed the tube of educational ‘sea creatures’ from the craft store could evoke such mystery?

The red accent color is now introduced… and in a big way!  Don’t you need a skull candelabra to light the moonless night??

To make, gather a thrifted metal candelabra, styrofoam skeleton heads, battery operated taper candles, COLORTOOL spray in Carnation Red and Flat Black, and a hot glue gun. Mask the flame of the candles with tape then spray them in Flat Black. Carve a hole into the bottom of the skulls to slip over the candleholder. Glue the skulls firmly in place. Note, gluing does not need to be neat… drips are ok, if not desired!  Now, also carve a hole into the top of the skulls to hold the candles. Glue the black candles firmly into the top of skulls. Be sure not to cover the On/Off seam. Spray the candelabra, skulls and base of candles in Carnation Red.

So now your main display elements are complete! Arrange them on the mantle.  Accessorize and accent with stems of reddish fall leaves, additional small skulls, fairy light and cobwebs… lots of cobwebs!!