Nov 09 2010

Chalkboard Sign

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Custom Color Tissue Paper Fans to

Festoon Your Wedding Arch.

Designed by: Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas



Design Master Flat Black 725

Design Master Perfect Pink 780

Design Master Antique Gold 746

11 x 14 wooden laser cut frame

Thin plywood cut to fit the laser cut frame

Graphic to trace, printed on copy paper

White chalk

Fine grit sand paper

Thick and thin white paint pens


Painter’s tape


E-6000 glue


1. Paint the plywood with Flat Black.

DM_Blog__0005_sig1 copy

2. Print out the graphic quote you want to trace on to the sign. Completely cover the backside of the printed-paper by coloring it heavily in white chalk.

DM_Blog__0004_sig2 copy

3. Tape the graphic, chalk side down, to the painted plywood. Trace every line of the graphic using a pencil and with firm pressure.

DM_Blog__0003_sig3 copy

4. Remove the paper and you will have a complete tracing of your graphic in chalk on the plywood.

5. Write over all the chalk tracings using a white paint pen. This will make your graphic permanent. You might want to vary the thicknesses of the lines of the paint pens by using two or more pens in different thicknesses.

6. When the paint pen writing is dry, lightly sand the lettering with a piece of fine sand paper. Don’t remove too much of the writing but to slightly scuff it to mimic the writing on a chalkboard.

DM_Blog__0002_sig4 copy

7. Using the flat side of a piece of chalk, cover the entire piece of plywood in a light dusting of chalk. Wipe most of the chalk dust off the plywood.

8. Paint the frame in Perfect Pink. When the frame is dry, lightly mist the outside edges with Antique Gold, making sure not to cover the Perfect Pink color too heavily.

9. Glue the frame and plywood together using E-6000 glue.

10. When the glue is dry, hang your finished faux chalkboard sign with ribbon.