Jul 31 2017

Color Business in Birmingham

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Last week we visited color enthusiast and floral artist extraordinaire Mandy Majerik at her flourishing businesses, Hothouse Design Studio and PropHouse in Birmingham Alabama.

Since our departure, she has received an award from Southern Weddings for ‘The Best Rental Vendor in the South’. With over 50,000 votes cast from 15 states their Piney Award is quite an honor. Congratulations to the entire team on winning this coveted award… a glistening gold pineapple which they are displaying proudly!

We were glad to give you the behind the scenes tour, even though we lack videography skills! Indicated by the response to our video, you seem to have forgiven us. The response has been overwhelming! By popular demand, this week we are going to show you even more from the magic that is Mandy and her staff.

First, here is the original video recap of Hothouse & PropHouse:


Enjoy some highlight photos below:

Rain, rain go away! Hothouse has a wedding today. What a great idea to have these available to rent.


Walking in the door, this statement wall greets guests of Hothouse/PropHouse.


We bought Steel City Pops for the staff to thank them for their hospitality. Had to add a Design Master sticker, of course. As for the rest of the backroom… well, stay tuned next week for the video tour from Mandy!


Look! We did notice though…. We made the “to do” lists. Saw this one called Painting Projects. Design Master is such a great tool for the PropHouse/Hothouse staff.


Catching our eye were paper flowers in Design Master colors. PropHouse LOVES 781 BLUSH and has worked through several cases of it since its introduction as one of our newest colors.

Watch next week for videos from a few of her amazing staff as well as a sneak peek of the design room!