Aug 02 2017

Meet Aaron Johnson at Prophouse

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PropHouse, the brainchild of Mandy Majerik, is a 30,000 foot warehouse brimming with fashionably curated rental props.  An enterprise of this magnitude is not built alone. Mandy has hand selected her staff to make it all happen in wonderful ways. While visiting Hothouse/PropHouse we didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone (as they are quite busy and Jess was resting up from minor surgery!). We did get to highlight 2 staff out of the herd—Aaron & Shawn.

You already saw Shawn and his #shawninagins in an earlier video as he demonstrated how to spray hydrangea with Design Master’s Just For Flowers® Fresh Green.

Now meet Aaron Johnson. He has been with Mandy for about 6 years. I adore this guy. The only thing better than his hair is his sweet soul.

(I wonder if curls are a prerequisite for working for Mandy? Hmmmm…)

Aaron has many responsibilities and duties. He is a great designer. He also possesses mad skills when it comes to packing! Their strategy for loading a box truck is nothing short of miraculous. I have witnessed his stealth climbing skills, balancing a 90 pound bouquet on his head, climbing a ladder….scaling piles of props in a box truck in 100 degree heat, all with a smile on his sweet face.

When I visited Hothouse/PropHouse, I caught him red-handed with Design Master!

He also has great spray skills, so I pulled him off a project to ask him how he used Design Master.