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Flower Dye Methods to Color Large Quantities of Flowers

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Why you will love using our Bulk Flower Dyes

Our bulk flower dyes offer alternative methods for coloring large amounts of fresh cut flowers.   Two different methods to choose.

ABSORBIT is a systemic floral dye, that colors fresh flowers through the stem to the blossom… coloring from the inside out.  It is sometimes referred to as being a stem dye.

  • makes coloring large quantities for fresh flowers easier
  • 13 colors available
  • color mix to create more hues
  • view AbsorbIT color recipes

DIPIT is a dip and rinse dye and colors fresh flowers by immersing flower heads into the dye then rinsing away excess color.  Smooth, natural appearing color on fresh flowers, as well as, silk flowers and dried materials.  – LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE –

  • no petal burning
  • use on fresh and silk flowers, dried materials
  • makes coloring large quantities easier
  • 10 colors available
  • colors mix to create more hues
  • view DipIT color recipes

(24) unique colors available

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