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Holiday Green AS17


Matte Finish
Fresh Flower Dye

easier to color large
quantities of flowers,
mix colors

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Why you will love working with our Professional Bulk Dye Absorbit

  • Dry Time:Dye time ranges 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Net Weight:4 OZ (113 g)
  • Coverage:4 OZ of dye makes 2-3 gallons of dye solution and will tint 2500-3750 carnations. Other flowers may vary.
  • Application Conditions:Use at room temperature (70 °F)
  • Recoat Window:Do not re-dye
  • Cleanup:

    Protect skin, clothing and work surface as dye will stain. Scrub with soap and water to remove.

  • SPECS:Absorption (systemic) floral dye

  • For best results use flowers that have been dry packed and stored in the cooler.
  • Quickness of dye absorption varies with flower type and variety as well as their hydration state.
  • If flowers have already been hydrated set them out of water for about 3-6 hours before dyeing.
  • Use warm (100-110 °F) water to dissolve dye.
  • Mix thoroughly 2-3 teaspoons of Absorbit per quart of warm water  :  8-12 teaspoons per gallon.
  • Strip lower foliage and recut stems.
  • Place stems in dye solution for 30-60 minutes. Remove flowers from dye solution at the first sign of color above the calyx. Then rinse dye from stems and recut. Transfer to water with flower food. This step allows the dye remaining in the stem to travel upwards and intensify the blossom color.
  • Do not increase concentration of dye. Formulation includes a wetting agent that is pre-calibrated. Increasing the wetting agent will actually deter the uptake rather than its prescribed enhancement.
  • Roses sometime will have difficulty achieving even coloration. Keep the temperature of the dye mixture at 100-110 °F/40 °C during dyeing period. This can be done by inserting bucket into a water-filled crock pot or on a heat table. If blossom appears spotty after dyeing time, transfer to a bucket of warm water and allow hydrating further…overnight to a day.
  • Disposal – When done dying flowers users often will simply pour the remaining solution down the drain. The solution is nontoxic and may be disposed of this way. However, the strong color of the dye may cause some concern further down the water treatment system. The disposal method we recommend for leftover dye solution is to absorb it into a material like sawdust, wood chips or newspaper. These may simply be disposed of in their normal trash.
  • Store Absorbit in its dry state with its lid snug on the jar. It can be safely stored in temperatures between -30ºF to 120ºF.