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Foliage Care

Professional Floral

Enhance Foliage Appearance, Prolong Life of Cut Foliage

clear sprays
instant results

Why you will love using our Foliage Care products

Foliage Sealer is a clear anti-dessicant that seals in moisture and extends the life of cut foliage and holiday greens.

  • easy application
  • fast drying
  • extends the longevity of cut foliages
  • seals in critical moisture for crisper look
  • prolongs life of foliage out of water 2-3 days

Ultra Leaf Shine is a leaf polish that instantly cleans plants and cut foliage leaving a natural lustre.

  • easy application, no wiping
  • polishes with a natural lustre
  • cleans foliage and repels dust
  • renews appearance
  • no alcohol or chemical odor
  • won’t harm plant respiration

(2) unique colors available

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New Products