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Ultra Leaf Shine 659

Foliage Care

Cleans and Shines
Plants/Cut Foliage
Natural Lustre

no wiping
no chemical or alcohol odors

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Why you will love working with our Ultra Leaf Shine

  • Dry Time:Instant
  • Net Weight:13.5 OZ (383 g)
  • Coverage:Up to 22 sq ft
  • Application Conditions:Use at room temperature (70 °F)
  • Recoat Window:Recoat at any time
  • Cleanup:

    Remove any overspray on hard surfaces with warm soapy water

  • SPECS:Mineral oil based spray

  • Not recommended for plants with fragile or hairy leaves, succulents or ferns.
  • Ensure a safe spraying distance of at least 18 inches.
  • Apply to top surface of dry leaves only.
  • For best results on houseplants spray leaves when soil is moist.
  • Protect from full sunlight during application.
  • Avoid spraying furniture, walls and floors to prevent stains and the risk of slipping.